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Hello Captain Stacey,

My 15 year old nephew was just over visiting us. He is flying from NY-Florida this week and was expressing his fears about flying. He seemed to have many of the misconceptions about flying that you address in your course. I spent some time going over the course with him, his specific concerns (turbulence, takeoff) and viewing the video clips. It seemed to calm him down and answer many of his questions. What a miracle that I was not only able to overcome this, but be able to sit down and step by step go through this with my nephew.

This was bringing back my own memories of how I felt before I took my 1st flight after many years. How desperate I felt; not believing anything would work for me, and what a relief finding your course was. That was almost 2 years ago. I have now flown 4x, with a 5th trip planned to Vegas/California this summer. Again, I just want to say thank you. Your course really targets what people commonly fear, and are too afraid or embarrassed to express. I have come to realize many people are afraid to fly, and have recommended your course often. 

Hope all is well with you. I still check in on the message board, and have occaisionally e-mailed a question or thanks to you.. But I really just wanted to let you know, again, how helpful your course is!

I used to love flying, I had even done a loop the loop and a bit of acrobatic flying in a Cessna in the early 90's. I have had at least 90 flights in the last 15 years, and suddenly on one terrible flight from London to Geneva I lost it. I was gripped with fear at the severe turbulence, I was crying uncontrollably, grabbing my husband's arms I almost pierced his skin with my finger nails. It was sheer terror not unlike the terror I felt during the Istanbul 7.4 earthquake - that's FEAR !!!!

I got to the point where I would actually plan journeys back to the UK from Istanbul on the trains rather than fly. Although I always ended up getting on the plane in the end, drugged up on sedatives. It is written and created by a Captain Stacey L. Chance, a pilot, and is available free. I could not afford to fly to Heathrow and take a day training with British Airways at Heathrow, besides, I was too afraid to get on the plane to fly there in the first place.

Captain Stacey Chance only asks you for a donation if you wish of any amount be it 50 cents or 20 dollars or what you want to give just to keep the website open and going. Capt. Chance created and maintains this website as a hobby because he loves being a pilot and feels for those of us who fear flying. He has actually received awards for service to the public because of this website. It is full of video footage, sound clips, and intensive information about the whole aspect of flying, from the physics of flight to interviews with real pilots who talk bluntly about turbulence, fear of height, take off and landing etc..... and interviews with psychologists about fear etc...

It takes about 4 hours to get through. I did it all in once and go back to it before every flight. But you can do it step by step at your own pace.

It has helped me so very very very much and now I feel that old feeling of excitement creep back into me, when I think of my next flight. I used to love flying so passionately, and it was simply horrific to suddenly have so much fear.

I want everybody to know that there is free - or easily affordable if you decide to donate a few pounds - help (well you should donate a little to keep the course going free for everyone) out there by professionals to help you get used to flying and even to get you to love flying. Check it out - it is brilliant - simply wonderful ! Thank you Stacey Chance.

Capt. Stacey, I really want to thank you so much for all you do. I have been helped so much through your online course, your book, the message board, and now your video. I watched it once already, and plan to keep watching it until it bores me! I felt quite a lot more confident after watching it, and found it extremely informative.


Dear Captain Chance: I am flying to Oregon tomorrow and I have come to dread flying in the last 10 years-I only fly about once or twice a year-but it is always a fear filled experence for me-but I found your site online and it has helped a great deal-especially the sounds!I am going to use my tools tomorrow!

I developed a fear of flying in my 20s and during the past several years have taken xanax to fly. I'm going to Costa Rica in two days, and think I will skip the drugs this time. Thanks for making me feel more comfortable with flying!

I used this course to prepare for a two and a half hour flight from Jackson, MS all the way to Baltimore, MD! I have only flown once before in my life and I about wet my pants! This was great! I plan to read it the night before the flight and even the few hours before I leave to go to the airport!

Hi Captain Stacey! I recently completed your fear of flying course and first of all I would like to say how INCREDIBLY helpful it was! I think that it will make my future flights a breeze! I had only taken one round trip flight before in my life, and I have another that is twice as long coming up in June! I was stressing out over it...until I came across your course! Second of all, I would like to make a contribution and see your bonus page, BUT I am 16 years old and neither I, nor my family has a credit card! So....this makes it hard to send a contribution! If you can tell me some other way of sending one I would still like to, because I definitely want to see the bonus page! This info looks like it would be an even greater help! Thanks again!

This course was just what I needed to rationalize my thoughts about flying. I am headed for Hawaii in a week and I am confident that I will enjoy my flying experience. Thank you so much!

Captain Stacey.. I just wanted to thank you for the informative pages in this website. I have a flight next week that I was panicked about, but after completing this course and with the help of the Support Package I'm hoping that it will be a breeze. Thanks again.

Hello Captain, We made it back from China safe, sound, and healthy amidst the start of the war and the SARS outbreak. The flights were all wonderful and smooth. I kept hearing your words of wisdom throughout the flights ("landing is easy," "flying is like moving through water," etc...), and I was truly amazed at how easy and enjoyable the flying became. I can't thank you enough for helping me get through what I never thought I could.

Hello Captain, We made it back from China safe, sound, and healthy amidst the start of the war and the SARS outbreak. The flights were all wonderful and smooth. I kept hearing your words of wisdom throughout the flights ("landing is easy," "flying is like moving through water," etc...), and I was truly amazed at how easy and enjoyable the flying became. I can't thank you enough for helping me get through what I never thought I could.

Thanks for making this information available to everyone. It means alot to me to be able to enjoy one of the things I love the most, travel, without the huge burden and trauma that flying brings me. Thanks again.

Thank you, great course + very clear explanations. I'll go to my next flight well prepared and feeling a lot easier about it!

Captain Chance Thank you I have received the book Wings of Discovery and have made a start. It makes interesting reading. The first chapter could have been written about me! ManyThanks

Dear Captain Stacey, i was really scared of flying because of terrorism and hijackings but now im really looking forward to flying and its all thanks to your help. I found out things that i never knew and i never thought of writing down my fears but it works!

The information about the safety of the planes and the industry itself really put my mind at ease. And knowing that turbulence is harmless helps tremendously! Thank you for the much-needed education.

Captain Stacey, My flight leaves in 5 days and I was absolutely petrified. I stumbled onto your website and I'm glad I took the time to read it. I am now prepared for my flight and can't wait to fly! Thank you for so much reassurance.

I enjoyed the videos, sounds, and photos. The lessons were very well planned. The facts about how long you would have to fly to have an engine falier made me feel a lot better. It is April 19,03 and I'm flying in to days. Now I know I'm safe thanks to you! I am eleven and I've been afraid of flying ever since I could remember. Anyway now I'm going to fight my fears, and I won't run from them. Thanks to you I've concoured my fear. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Dear Captain Stacey You probably will not remember me , utterely petrified of flying and on the verge of cancelling the holiday, I mailed you after reading your online course prior to taking a trip last September. Not only did I make the 5 hour flight, I actually enjoyed it - no longer terrified , understanding what was taking place at each step of the journey made all the difference. I would just like to say a huge thank you. As a result of that first terror-free flight, I was able to take a short holiday but the real triumph came when I flew unaccompanied by family or friends to the United States recently - 8 hours in the air and Ioved every moment. Thank you so much. I cannot tell you how much a difference your course has made to me - The World , finances permitting :-)) really has become my oyster.

I was really nervous about my next flight. Your website not only helped to curb my preflight anxiety but also made me actually look forward to my journey. Having had a fear of flying for so long it was amazing to be this relaxed. Thanks so much!

wow, thanks for sending the weblink to the page already i PROMISE the donation will be in the mail...your site is too good not to support you.

I confess I am not 100% feeling better about the panic I feel when the plane is experiencing turbulence but I am so grateful that you made this available on the internet for free (AND knowing that I could make a donation the easy way -via Paypal.) I may revisit before each flight. And if it really does help, I will donate more. The day I say "I would rather get on an airplane for a 4 hour flight than have a root canal procedure" I will be truly happy! Thanks.

I have flow well over 20 times, et my fear of flying never diminishes, after finding and reading this web-site, I can actually admit I am looking forward to my next flight. Thank You

I haven't written to you in a while but wanted to let you know that I flew again. It was WONDERFUL!!!! Since reading your book Wings of Discovery last year and flying for the first time in twenty years, I have found true peace in the event. My daughter and I can now see family each year and enjoy vacations beyond our belief. It may seem crazy to some but the simple fact of understanding the way flight takes root helps ease the fears within. I even sit by the window now and gaze out and enjoy the wonders of the world. Thanks so much for taking the time to write your book. I find myself remembering bits and pieces of it as I fly. For instance, as I fly, I remember that the bumps are nothing to worry about and that when up in the air it's a jello type of flight. I actually got to help a little girl sitting next to me this last trip. She was a bit uneasy and I found myself explaining flight to her so she wouldn't be scared. Wow, for me that was totally amazing. My daughter looks at me now and smiles as she tells family and friends that Mom isn't afraid to fly anymore. Again, thank you, you are a true blessing and your book is one of the best self help books ever written. May God truly bless you in your continuation of helping those in fear of flight.

Although skeptical at the start I do feel much more relaxed about my upcoming flight, and am more than willing to arrange a donation on my safe return! Thank you very much!

I think the statistics were what helped me most i have to fly without my husband on the 251h of April. I have two children going with me and was afraid of the plane going down i now know my children are safer in a plane than my car

Hats off to the Captain! What an excellent course this is, I already feel better about an up-coming flight, and I'll be sure to take my support pack along with me!

All of the technical information and reassurance about why the plane will actually stay in the air was really helpful. I always envision the plane just dropping from the sky, but now I realize that won't happen. I guess it makes sense that if it really were dangerous to fly, pilots wouldn't want to do it either.

I'm a private pilot thinking of flying professionally and wanted to check out your website to recommend to a friend who has developed a fear of flying. I'm an airplane nerd and enjoyed reading your course and especially appreciated the multimedia. I'll definitely recommend your site to him.

Capt. Stacey, Thanks so much for taking the time to put this course together. I just recently became terrified of flying after years of enjoying it. I don't know what triggered this fear, but it was so helpful to know that even though I am not in control of the plane itself, I am aware of all the differnt sounds and I feel much more confident (and in control) about flying !!!Thanks for thinking of the scared passenger, and helping to reassure that everything is safe (and that we are not going to fall out of the sky)!!!! Im flying in three days, so I know going into this flight I won't be having another anxiety attack over a simple, and what should be a realxing flight.Your course was very informative and really heped me relax about my upcoming flight.

I took your course one week before my flight, which happened to be my first international flight. Before your course, I was extremely stressed out and worried about the flight, but after learning more about the planes and all the safety features, I felt a lot better. When we got to the airport for the first flight, our flight was late because they had to switch planes because of a mechanical problem with the other plane. It actually made me feel better when they did this, even though our flight arrived later, because it showed me that what you said about how well the planes were checked was true! I think the thing that helped me the most was probably the explination of all the sounds and things that happen on a routine flight. I could even predict when there was going to be more turbulence, and it kind of became like a fun carnival ride! I was still a little bit tense, but I was able to relax more and even get a little bit of sleep.

Your course explained just about all I feared with flying. Mainly the noises that are heard. It would ease many fears during a flight if the pilots occasionaly came over the intercom and explained the "routine" sounds. I think that was my greatest fear. I always wanted to be in the cockpit to make certain the pilots were aware of everthing. (a control thing I have) I'm flying tomorrow, first time in 10 yrs. and already felt anxious. Finding this course has aliviaed many of my fears and has given me a better understanding. (Fearing the unknown) I thank you for this information, you are helping alot of people. I will without a doubt pass this along to others.

I'm a Clinical Social Worker who deals with people in states of great anxiety and agitation daily. I fly in about thirty-six hours, and I can type that without shuddering because of your course. It's incredibly effective. Thank you very much.

Dear Captain Chance: My father who was a very frequent flier used to tell my worry-plagued mother that "you are a lot safer in an airplane than driving to the airport." After hearing that statement a number of times, I tried to convince myself that my Dad was right. I've always been one of those passengers whose palms get sweaty and worries mount with turbulence. Worrying about air travel (and avoiding it as much as possible) has been standard for me. Living in Hawaii, it's a little hard to do without however! When I was younger and single, I didn't have the same kind of anxiety about flights as I do now with a big family. Helicopters in Vietnam, small planes etc -I used to just sweat it out and get a high when we made it OK. Here I am at age 62 now and a little more anxious than ever when I just happened to run across your on-line course. Great stuff and very helpful -just wish I'd seen it sooner! I'm looking forward to reading more in your book and also am actually looking forward to my next flight! Amazing what some basic knowledge presented in an entertaining way can do to relieve anxiety problems. I also should add that I am a physician and deal in helping people get over their fears about health concerns - yet I never took the time to "heal myself" effectively when it comes to fear of flying! Thank you very much again, and I will certainly be recommending your course!!!

wow - i'm impressed...!! thank you for responding & so quickly. never actually expected to get a reply. i'm looking forward to buying & reading your book Wings of Discovery... i will join in on the message boards...thanx for the link...


I don't know if you will remember but I sent you an e-mail in November last year telling you that I was hoping to fly with my family to the U.S. because my son had made a wish through the Make a Wish Foundation. He had lost his left arm to cancer and his dream was to visit Florida and Disneyworld. Well, the good news is we went and I lived to tell the tale!!! The plane didn't crash, after all!!! I hadn't been on a plane for over 12 years and I was absolutely terrified of going but I knew that I had to go for my son's sake and that is when I decided I had better try and overcome my fears. It was at this time that I found your website on the Internet and what a blessing that was. I had read through your lessons a few times and had memorised the points that I knew would give me trouble on the plane. I tried not to think of the flight in the days before we went and that helped enormously because your brain sort of blows things out of proportion and no matter how much you anticipate what is about to happen it never happens exactly as you expected. Turbulence was something that I had been very afraid of in the past but when you said that no plane had ever crashed just because of turbulence I reminded myself of that every time the 'seat belt' sign came on (which was about 5 times during the crossing over the Atlantic) and that gave me so much confidence that I found myself calming the rest of the family down and reassuring them that it might be a bit bumpy and uncomfortable but nothing would happen! When we boarded the plane in London the Make a Wish Foundations had given us a package to give to the flight crew explaining my son's wish and the illness he had been through. They kept asking my son if he was O.K. during the flight and made quite a fuss of him. When we were due to land at Orlando Airport one of the flight officers came and asked me if I would like it if the Captain said a few words over the intercom about my son and I said that would be very kind of him so on landing he told everyone about his Wish and said he was sure everyone would join with him in wishing my son the very best for the future and hoped we had a good holiday. Your fear of flying course has helped me so much. I don't think I'll ever really enjoy flying but I now know that I can do it if I have to. The in-flight movies helped as a distraction and I found that the calmness in the pilot's voice was really reassuring. The first flight was from my hometown to London which is about a 45 minute flight. I had my 20 year old son on one side of me and my husband on the other. When the plane was speeding up to take-off I could feel myself becoming breathless and when we actually took off I had an urge to get out of my seat but my husband and son grabbed my arms and I found that if I concentrated on my breathing I felt more relaxed. I used this method for the other three flights as well and found I was coping better and better each time. I think that sometimes we have hurdles to overcome and if we manage to overcome them there is a reward at the end of it. If I hadn't gone through the discomfort of flying I would never have gone to Disneyworld and had a wonderful holiday. Disneyworld was such a lovely place, very clean. I didn't see more than five people smoking and I didn't see any arguments or disagreements. (In the U.K. you are afraid of even looking at someone the wrong way). I was greatly impressed - America wasn't at all the way I had expected it to be - I've probably seen too many of the wrong films! Well again I wish to express my thanks for the wonderful help your lessons have given me and I am sure you will continue to help many others in the future.

Dear Captain Chance, Thanks so much for your Internet fear of flying course. I found it incredibly informative and reassuring. I have been a nervous flier for many years, and am hopeful that my next trip will be easier. In particular, I found your section on wind currents and turbulence helpful. Like most nervous fliers, I've been most bothered by turbulence (though I've never been a big fan of takeoff, either!).

Hi there, Firstly, thank you so much for you time and effort in putting this course on-line. I have been (past tense!!) so frightened of flying it has dominated my thoughts and dreams for years. This year I was determined to do something about it and as luck would have it, I found you course (you'll be pleased to know when you put "Fear of Flying" into a search engine it comes up with your course first!). So anyway, I dutifully went through all the tests and put the positive thought mode into play and, after much work (some of it enjoyable-some scary) I did it and made the first step. I can't say it was easy and that I wasn't leaping around the plane shouting "Hallaluyah!"but I did find my feet as they say and you know it didn't ruin my holiday and I was able to come home. One thing I did in my happiness when I got back was to book 2 future flights, just so I don't relax too much I promised myself if I made it, I would send you a photograph of myself in a place I've always wanted to go-Monte Carlo. Well I can't thank you enough for your good spirit that delivered this great course. I wish you all good things for the future.

My husband and I are taking our daughter-in-law, son, and 3 1/2 -year-old granddaughter on their first flight. Our daughter-in-law is afraid of flying and I found your website for her. I'm not sure if she has looked at it or not but I reviewed it and found it to be EXCELLENT. I have a Master of Social Work degree and wish all who have a fear of flying would have the opportunity to take the course on your website. I am very impressed with the sensitivity of the information and the factual nature with which it is presented. Our son-in-law is also a pilot (who has been furloughed since last August but hopes to return to work soon). Wishing you well - and many more safe flights. Again, thank you for your excellent website.

Dear Captain Stacey, Ever since I was a little girl I have had a tremendous fear of flying. My parents joke about the 1st time I flew because as we were to start boarding I grabbed onto a pole in the terminal and had to be pried off and dragged onto the plane. I proceeded to throw up (even before take off) all the way to Disney of all places. This fear started about 30 years ago and even last year I refused to get on the plane with my mother and brother. We were going to Alaska to visit my other brother and I cried all day because I couldn't get on the plane. I forced myself the next day to go. Boy was it tough! Well, I am happy to say that I just got back today from a trip with my family to Colorado. The best part of the whole trip was the flight!!! For the 1st time in 30 years I was able to get on the plane and feel comfortable. I even was able to eat, read, and enjoy some cryptograms. I am usually curled up in fetal position, crying, shaking, and waiting for the plane to go into a nose dive. Reading your course has made me realize that a plane is safe and I could "sit back and enjoy the ride"! Thank you for understanding people like me! Thank you for wanting to help people like me! Most of all, Thank you for changing my life for the better!

Dear Sir, Congratulations with your on line fear of flying course. The course was setup in a very logic and clear way and easy to understand for non English speakers. I was touched by the warm and caring way this course was written. Thank you!

I had an extreme fear of flying for many years after a particularly frightening flight.... I avoided plaves until there caem a time when I absolutely HAD to fly. I looked up fear of flying courses on the net and came across yours, it took me a while to go through each lesson, and i wasn't so sure if it was going to work for me, but when the time came to fly, I was still a little nervous, but not panic stricken like I had been on previous flights, I just kept remembering the lessons, and telling myself "this is all normal". Thanks to you I now don't have to think twice about whether to drive 1200 miles like i had done for years, or getting on a plane. My husband is now going to take your course because it has helped me so very much. Thank you!!!

I got to finish the course, and it was just excelent. I could take a plane tomorrow if necessary, I don´t feel that afraid anymore. Thanks again.

I know you probably get dozens of these emails every day, but just wanted to drop you a note on what a great program you have on your website. I flew once this past September a couple of days before I found your site, and now I'm flying again this Saturday. I plan on going through your course again, and I just wanted to you to know how much I appreciate all of the enthusiasm that you put into your materials (it really carries through and I get excited about flying). I bought your book as well and plan on reading it on the plane. Thanks again for all your great work - I recommend your site to everyone I know.

I found your web site very helpful and informative. I used to fly without a problem but I haven't flown in two years and will be going on vacation in a month. The one thing I do not understand is that If you say the plane will still fly even if all these things can go wrong, than what exactly causes a plane to crash? Please let me know. I will keep searching in books for the answer but it seems a bit contridictory. I do feel better though having taken the course.

Dear Captain Stacey, Thank you so much for putting together your Fear of Flying Help online course. Learning to trust the aviation industry I feel was my biggest gain. I especially appreciate the sound effects and pictures. Hearing the sounds initially made me recall my fears and made me tense, but I was able to use some of your calming suggestions to get over my reactions. I have never really been a good flyer, but my most recent trip, last summer, to Ireland to be in my oldest friend's wedding was really difficult. I now know what I did to make that trip as difficult as it was! I'm so glad I can now identify and cope with those things. Thank you again, so much, for your site - for your humor, gentle explanations, and positive writing. I feel so much better about flying! I know I can go back to visit my friend in Ireland - she's having a baby this summer!

Dear Captain Stacey Many years ago I had two events on airplanes, before that I was never scared to fly. After that I tried to fly again a few times, but one day I finally gave up and didn´t fly anymore. So I stoped traveling and limited myself to only travel inside my country. Three years ago I met someone from another country and I felt in love. I had a very strong reason to get on a plane again, but I was scared to death. Last february I had to visit him again and I was panic, I couldn´t sleep well, because I could remember the sounds of the plane when they took off and when they landed and the terrible turbulence that I felt years ago. When I saw that I was going to fly withing weeks and I was still so scared I decided that I had to do something about it. So I went on the internet and run into your course. I followed every lesson, but at a certain point I refuse to learn more about airplanes and I just didn´t continue with the classes. I felt that the more I learn the more scared I got. But when I was on the plane I realize how helpful your course was. I felt more relaxe because I had enough information to know that everything was ok, and that the plane was under control. I was even able to calm a lady who was telling me that some years ago she was flying and the plane felt like two hundred meters, but I remember that from your classes and I explain that the plane would not just felt, because it was moving so fast that it would only loose some altitud, but it would some recover the altitud. She felt much better and relaxe and I felt so proud of myself for being able to help somebody instead of getting into a panic attack. You don´t have any idea of the happines you have broght into my life, now I can travel back again and now I am not that terrified. Maybe you can use one of the phrases that a fly attendant used when I told her I was very scare. She said to me: "this is my home, and my workplace, how can you be afraid of my home?" and that really made me felt at home. Thanks again for helping me with my fear of flying and for sharing all your experience with other nervous passengers.

Dear Captain Stacey, I just took your class and I must say I feel better. I use to enjoy flying as a child and as I got older I found myself having they worse panic attacks onboard planes. I got so mad at myself for not been able to control my fear of the unknown around me. I'm flying in two weeks to Las Vegas with two friends of mine and I found out that this is a smaller airplane my fear has gotten way worse. Not to forget that on the way home I'll be BY MYSELF! The bigger the plane the better for me, I found out this plane is a bit on the small size. So my fear has climbed alittle higher on the panic charts. While taking your course I felt my panic left off my chest and I feel calmer. I printed out your checklist help course and I'm ready to do this. I can, I will and I am looking forward to this next step in my life. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for this on line help. I truly believe that I can do this. If you could talk more on smaller aircraft that would be wonderful, because I'm sure there are people out there who understand my fear of a smaller plane then a bowing jet. I do have a couple of question on the smaller plane. We are flying out of Merced California it's a 45 minute flight, and we will be flying over the Sierras. What should I except on a smaller plane? Are they just as smooth and safe as a bigger plane? I am nerves, but I know I can do this! I don't want to miss this event that I'm heading too. This flying fear of mine has kept me from doing allot of things in my life, and I'm done with it taking control over me. I now have control over it!!!! Thank you again for all you have done by explaining out detailed information on flying. The Turbulence is a big fear for me, and I'm the one who is always afraid to be sick or get hurt by it, so now more then ever this program came at a great time in my life. God Bless you for all you do for people.

Captain Stacey, Your "Fear of Flying" course was very helpful and informative!! It was done in a very professional manner and you did an outstanding job! PS-I noticed that a lot of pictures involved American Airlines planes--do you fly for AA? I'm flying on AA in several weeks!

Dear Captain Stacey, First I want to thank you for your nice course on the internet: I think it will help me. I would like to buy your book, but is there a translation in Dutch? Because it's quite heavy for me to read it all in English. Otherwise I will order it in English anyway.

Good Evening! I just spent the last 3 hours doing the course, making donation and scanning the bonus website. It was a wealth of information! You really put a ton of work into it!!! I have to tell you my palms were sweaty just reading through everything and the sensation of "fear of flying" was still on my mind. I have printed out my 3 pages and will review the website again before my flight on Sunday Feb. 16th. I am hoping all goes well and I can get past this fear soon. I will let you know how it goes upon my return. This is a work trip so unfortunately there is not much chance I will be backing out! Thanks for your great site and valued information!!!

I really enjoyed your help course. I used to fly all over the country without a second of hesitation. Over the last 5 years or so something happened (I don't know what) that has me scared to fly. Well not really scared to fly but rather scared of that horrific ride on the way down. Nothing to do with 911 maybe just a fear of not being in control. I really want to overcome this problem because it effects my life. The whole world fly's i.e. business people, politicians, sports teams, etc. Yet I am so uncomfortable with the thought of it I avoid it all together. I want to beat this thing. This from a guy who rides motorcycles. Seems funny but those handlebars are in my hands.

I wanted to write and say thank you for publishing this course online (and doing so through donations!). I have travelled far and wide, and though I fly at least twice a year (only because I 'have' to), my fear of flying has gotten progressively worse as I get older (I'm the ripe old age of 23).

as of saturday Feb. 8th I was scared of flying, in that same day, I felt more comfortable, and reassured, thanks for your course


Dear Captain Stacey, Thank you so much for creating this website. I can’t believe how much it helped me deal with my fear of flying and panic over turbulence.

hi stacey, i wish to express my gratitude to you for making this fantastic contribution. you were the first and only source i located when just seeking on-line assistance with this recently developed phobia i've developed. i skimmed thru the material to make an assessment. and before i got to skimming lesson 5, i felt confident that you had developed an excellent program that would assist me. therefore, before downloading and beginning the lessons/course, i made a modest donation and also purchased your e-book. i think it's fantastic that you have provided this course at no fee. i believe that genuine people will gladly donate and purchase your book. i trust that anyone who has this peculiar fear, and who benefits from your course, will need to satisfy themselves by showing you their gratitude.

Dear Captain Stacey, I just finished your online course and am amazed at how much more calm I am about flying. I have a trip planned for TX and I was so nervous... even requesting which seat I wanted to sit in while making the reservations was a horrible experience. But after going through your webpage I am actually EXCITED about my trip and getting on that airplane! The "practice flight" was so much fun... I thought of everyday sounds to associate with the airplane sounds (one sounded an awful lot like a vaccuum cleaner!) and I'll remember them if I get nervous in flight. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me (and so many others) overcome their fears. Being informed and educated really does help! I will remember to send you my feedback forms when I return in March. Thank you so much, once again! You are a true blessing.

Dear Captain, Thank you for providing such a great informative site. I was skeptical at first but I must admit when I get nervous thinking about flying I think about the things I read on your website and logic begins to outweigh my fear. I would like to make a small donation - is there somewhere I can send you something through the mail? Thanks again for everything - you and your website provide an invaluable service!

Dear Captain Stacey Chance, I placed my check to you in the mail today as part of my thanks to you. The techniques you teach and explanations you provide on your web site course are very helpful. My favorites:

Visit the pilots in the cockpit: this went way better than I thought it would, as all of them welcomed me and my kids to step in and say hi (I suppose having my kids along helped but I will try and do this anyway when I fly by myself). Throughout the flight, I did indeed think of them as my new friends who care very much about how our flight is going (including ascending and descending as you mentioned to avoid turbulence).

Reviewing notes BEFORE the flight: this helped me a lot--to focus my mind and not let the 'voices' get the better of me.

Turbulence explanations: I've always known what turbulence it but your in-depth explanation is excellent and the best sentence that stayed in my mind was: "turbulence is normal"

How a plane is able to fly explanation: Again, I have learned in previous physics classes all about the principals of flight but your eloquent words gave it new meaning to me and my children absolutely loved it when I told them (in your words) what happens to the air when we are moving so fast in a huge plane and how lift works.

Prepare yourself well: this was a no-brainer for me traveling by myself with a 3 and 5 yr old but thanks to those very cool new DVD rental places in some airports, they watched a movie and I actually read part of a book!

Lastly, the positive imagery part helped very much, when I felt those old familiar pangs of fear, conjuring up favorite images helped a lot (we are taught this in Lamaze birthing classes so why didn't I ever think of it for flying?!)

Dear Captain, I am writing you because I had two ladies onboard one of my flights this past trip from LAX to SMF. I am a flight attendant and I was visiting with these ladies it was a mother and daughter and they were so impressed with the information that they found on your website that is kept them busy the whole flight reading and following along. The folks around them were all interested as well and kept them talking and their minds were busy the whole time. They did GREAT!!!! I just wanted to say KUDOS! and keep up the good work because you doing a great service and earning more then one set of wings.....

Thank you Captain Stacey for taking the time to put together such an effective course. About 5 months ago I had a terrible experience with turbulence, which developed a fear of flying, but thanks to your course, I now feel more comfortable to fly!

Hello Captain Stacey Chance, I just took your class and it helped me as much as me (A freaked out flyer) can be helped :D Money is tight right now, but I do plan on sending you a check on my next pay day. I'm flying on a 757 from Indy to Florida and praying all we go well. Thank you for providing this information to the public.

I loved your on-line course and could probably benefit more from your Bonus Webpage, however, I have been unemployed for 4 months and contributions are not in my budget right now. I have ordered your book from Amazon but am not able to contribute right now. My reason for getting over my "fear of flying" has to do with a job I have to travel to Massachusetts for a personal interview. The job would also require some future air travel. The funny thing is, I am an Air Force brat and have flown all over the world. I flew off the deck of an aircraft carrier while serving in the Navy. Something happened when I turned 40 and I am now scared to death of flying. Kind of ironic, huh? Anyway, if I fly up to Massachusetts and get the job I will return to the web site and make a generous donation for helping me out. Thank you, and I am looking forward to reading your book, Wings of Discovery. Hope it gets here in time before my flight.

I am 23 and terrified of flying. I developed this fear when I was very young. The older I become the worse my fear is. I have never even been on a plane. I have nightmares all the time, and they are always the same, I never make it. I am however determined to defeat this fear I found your site while I was searching on the net. I read through the whole thing, and I will say you have helped me. What helped me most was the part about how a plane works and its parts. I was one of those people who thought that a plane could just fall out of the sky. What baffled my mind was how could such a huge metal thing fly through the air? Its way too heavy. Imagining a plane as a fish and the air its water to swim in, was much more helpful. It makes more sense. So I would like to thank you Captain for creating your web site. It has opened the door for me, but I have a long road ahead of me. I plan on visting your site again, just before I get on a plane.

Captain Chance, I just went through your course. I found it pretty helpful. As you explained, I just turned 29 years old and in the past few years my fear of flying has grown considerably. I guess the main fear I have is of dying in a plane crash right now when I have so many things to look forward to in life (getting married pretty soon). I also think that one of the main contributing factors to this is the fact that Im not in control of the situation, and I have to trust someone else with my life. Anyway, I also hate anything that stirs my stomach. I will not ride on rollercoasters or anything like that. I have been on a few rough flights lately that have scared me to death. They involved many large sudden "drops" that I guess is attributed to air pockets. I see that on your bonus website you have some information on this. I plan on making a donation to your project when I get paid next month, but I have a trip to take this Sunday night for work. As always, I find myself thinking about a plane trip way in advance, and it seems to get a lot worse as the trip draws closer. I worry a lot and it really affects me (I have to choice but to fly for my job). Talking to someone in the industry really helps me out. I would like to hear your thoughts on my situation and I would also like to read the stuff you have on your bonus page. If you can forward me the link I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot for your time and thank you for maintaining your website, Im sure you are helping an awful lot of people.

I just wanted to take a brief moment of your time to thank you for fearofflyinghelp.com and your book, Wings Of Discovery. I am living in New York City. I am sad to report that during the tragedy of September 11th, I lost a very dear friend in the World Trade Center. From that point on, what was once a small fear of flying became an intense phobia. I believe facing a friends death at an early age, coupled with constant media videos showing the aircrafts smashing into the towers paralyzed me. However, I have always been a firm believer in facing one's fears, and following one's passions and dreams wherever they take you. That being said, I am an actor who is in constant need of being on the West Coast for certain periods of time. I have refused to give up on air travel, but it has always turned into a six hour flight of awaiting my impending death.... I have just completed both your book Wings of Discovery and web-site, and I can not thank you enough. Your philosophy on life, from spiritual beliefs to conquering anxieties make up many attributes of my personality as well. This approach, combined with your endless knowledge and confidence in our airline industry, has already began to relax me for my upcoming flight to LA in February. I am confident that having the knowledge of what the aircraft is doing when I hear sounds of hydraulics, bells ringing, or even the plane speeding up and slowing down, will begin the process of easing my tension and strengthen my faith in the airline industry. Thank you for creating an amazing opportunity for people like myself. I maintain that we are put on this earth to bring out the best in ourselves and the best in others, and you should be very proud of the fact that you are contributing to many peoples lives in a very positive way.

I have just finished reading through the course, and for the first time in 2 years I'm ready to fly. Although, I am currently broke which prevents me from donating or getting the book, which really stinks because your book Wings of Discovery sounds EXTREMELY interesting. I just want to thank you for coming up with the FREE course for people like me who can't (I should say couldn't) fly, and can't afford those other help programs.

Thank you very much for your website. I only recently developed a fear of flying and it seemed to be getting worse every time I flew. I think now that it was based in an incomplete understanding of the whole flight process; now that I understand it better I feel much more confident. Your presentation is lucid and straightforward and very helpful! Thank you!

Just wanted to let you know that before I took your FOF course I was TERRIFIED to fly. I took the course in early Dec and flew to Memphis in mid Dec. My first leg of the journey was uneventful and enjoyable. The second leg was a different story! We experienced a LOT of turbulence. So much that the flight attendants had to sit down for the remainder of the trip. I did all the tried and true exercises and, I can't believe this one, actually fell asleep I was so relaxed. Thank you, THANK you, THANK YOU! I'm looking forward to my next trip in March. I've reccommended your course to all my friends and to one lady who was on the same trip to Memphis! I also posted this message on the board

Just finished your coarse and found it VERY helpful. I have not flown for 14 yr.,and had a panic attack on that flight. My concern is not having enough quality (oxygen) air to breathe that high up. I also get claustrophobic in small spaces. I may have to fly from east coast to west soon , also to Italy. Any additional info you could give would be very much appreciated. I will be purchasing your book and giving a donation soon.

i was really looking forward to the bonus page and was disappointed that it cost money...i am out of work and am short on money...if you would please provide me with the link to the webpage i would be extremly grateful...i can tell that you are a very sincere person...and you have given me a great gift...as soon as i can i will be donating to your wonderful cause...i am so lucky to have found found your free online fear of flying course...i will be going over it again with my mom...as we are both fearful fliers...cant wait to use the tools you have given me...in a way...i am looking forward to going...


I just completed your course on the internet, and I want to thank you for your willingness to help us fearful fliers overcome irrational fears. After completing your course, I feel very confident that I will follow through with my first flight next month. Thank you, once again, for your wonderful efforts in putting together your course online. I sure will think of you on my first flight, and I will be sure to send up a prayer of thanksgiving on your behalf for helping me to not allow life pass me by!

I am a Flight Instructor with around 3200 hours flight time and hold an ATP certificate. I have a friend who has never flown and will be visiting me next month. I started looking today online to find a book or other info that might help her and her kids overcome thier fears and my search has come to an end now that I found your site.I cant say anymore than WOW it is awsome and I am sure you spent many hours to take the time to put this together. Im sure if you were not working for the Airlines you would probably put John and Martha King out of buisness if you made instructional videos for a living. Thank you for putting it together I am sure she is going to like it a lot.

What a great idea for a real Captain to write a book on the fear of flying and to set up a free website! It shows that you really understand and care about this very irrational fear. I haven’t donated anything because of my concern about credit card security on a foreign site – sorry – but I still wanted to say thanks for thinking about us. I used to love flying and when you said that we should enjoy take-off I remember feeling that way when I was younger and I hope that I can do so again. I’m getting married this year and we would love to go somewhere exciting on honeymoon but if I don’t get over my fear first we won’t be going far, so fingers crossed!

I wanted to thank-you for putting a very informative, well researched and thank-god...free! site on the Internet. You answered all of my questions that were bothering me regarding flight safety. I personally enjoyed the page on safety statistics and the News Media. I've flown before, and have had the opportunity to observe a night-time landing in the jumpseat of a 767. It was fantastic! So much so that I'd like to presue a career as a pilot. I small problem that stands in my way is the fact that although I enjoy flying, reading and learning everything their is to know about aviation, I am nervous when flying. Your site seems to have calmed some of these nerves.

Thank you so much for your on-line course. It's like it was created just for me. I am ablolutely going to contribute to your website and input my comments for your course soon. I appreciate that you have taken the time and been so understanding to those of us with this fear.

Hello Captain Stacey. Your webpage was honestly one of the greatest things that has ever helped me with fear of flying. I still am a little apprehensive but I know now that that is kind of silly. I am a travelling surfer who wants nothing more from life than surf and new global experiences. However I suffer from a sickening fear of flying, which makes every second from when I book my flight to when I land excruciating, looking for signs/premonitions everywhere that I will be involved in a crash, etc., etc., even if my flight is two months away. I am most concerned about midflight loss of an engine, especially over water. I know it must sound ridiculous to you. I was just wondering, however, if you could provide me with the URL to the bonus page... I'd love to make a contribution, but I'm in Scotland and I don't have a credit card. I will also be moving around a lot... I don't have time to send cash (nor do I have much at the time), but I will send something as soon as I get home. I'm flying from Glasgow to Canada in a few weeks. So thanks again. your site was very helpful.

I did it!!!! I've had a fear of flying all my life but I flew for the very first time last Thursday Jan 9 after doing your course on Monday Jan 6. I still had to do a lot of hard work for myself but your course certainly helped. Thank you soooo much!!!

Captain Chance, I am very nervous flying over water, your course helped me before and I was hoping to use it again before my flight. I also bought your book Wings of Discovery. Thanks for take the time to do the Web site, I have recommended it to others.

Flew 8 times in the last two weeks. Can't say I wasn't a bit fearful on all of them at various times, but I didn't suffer half as much. Didn't need any of my emergency whisky and didnn't need my Diazepan or whatever it's called. Your cheatsheet tools, breathing techniques (especially belly breaths and tensing excersises) worked excellently. At the same time I had to use them so much I got very very toned from all my muscle tensing. The line which stuck in my mind the most was when your wrote in your course about drink and drugs and you said quite clearly and strongly - in bold I think- "YOU WON'T NEED THEM, YOU WON'T PANIC!!!". I remembered that the most. My problem is my heart rate. If it increases I got full of hypertension and feel the desire to move in order to "camouflage" the feeling of my heart beating against my ribs. I then think the line "what if I was to have a heart attack, how far away from help am I " , " how long would it take me to get to safety- would I make it" and so it spirals up into super anxiety. But I dealt with it very very well using belly breaths. I would calm down my heart rate which in turn began to focus my thoughts a bit better on thing rather than my mind and heart racing. Thank you so much for showing me how to regain my confidence. (I used to love flying, and I am starting to again). I am only 20% as nervous as I was before about the whole thing.

I wrote you a few months ago to tell you I liked the course and was looking forward to putting your ideas into action at Christmas time, during my trip to England. I also said I would be glad to contribute if things went well. The course I thought was excellent. Although I was still nervous, I wasn't ready to be carted off to the ding-a-ling. I printed the three sheets you suggested and did some of the exercises. I also printed off the whole of Lesson 5. I packed a goody bag and included in it the sheets and Lesson 5 and Belgian chocolates and my favourite magazines and Bach flower remedies (mimulus and Rescue Remedy), as well as hard drugs (lorazapam)! I never took the hard or soft drugs, nor did I eat the candy - the airplane seating was actually much too cramped to keep delving into my goody bag. What I found most helpful was the sheet I printed on safety statistics ("Cardiovascular disease 1 in 2" etc.) Sorry to take so long, Stacey. I would be glad to contribute to your course, but I'm nervous about putting my Visa on the Web. Is there an address where I can send my contribution? If not, can I be assured of the safety and security of the site? Thanks so much. Dear Captain: Well, you know what you are doing. After reading your course and "speaking" to you online, I flew from New York to Heathrow, then from Gatwick to Plymouth to Newquay. Okay, I had a muscle relaxer from the doctor, but your advice took care of the mental relaxing. I had a great flight and only suffered from fatigue. On the return trip, a little anxiety at first, but I used all your cheat sheet methods and it was no problem. Amazing!

Dear Captain Stacey L. Chance, Thank you very much for having this idea to help people overcome their fear of flying. I started your course last night, and finished it tonight. I got so hooked to it that I stayed awake through most of the night for 2 nights reading your course, because it was the only time I had. I have been a huge Commercial airliner fan for about 2 years now (I am 21), when I began to dream about becoming a Flight Attendant. But only recently fear about flying began to strike me inside, and I would feel nervous even hearing an jetliner fly by. Then an Angel led me to your course, and now I am cheered up like never before! I have a flight scheduled next weekend, and I am starting to prepare for it NOW, rather than the day before! And in lesson 5 I kept clicking on the airplane sounds as it takes off over and over again, it was so much fun. Take-offs is still my favorite part of a flight, but at the same time it still gives me a bit of "chills". But with the comfort of your course,! my mind quickly remembers the positive words you wrote right when I need them. I am very thankful to you for showing so much care for us passengers, and when I saw your photo online I was shouting and saying "HI!!!" as if I knew you as a long-time friend!! I even had tears of joy (And speaking of tears, your jokes made me laugh so much till I had to wipe tears running down my face!). I hope every pilot is as friendly and caring as you are, because my biggest fear about flying is not knowing what kind of a mood the pilot is in; in other words, I fear that if the pilot is depressed or in a bad mood, he may crash the plane on purpose..... sorry if it sounded so ridiculous, but actually now I feel a bit better that you listened to my fear (if you have an additional information of comfort about this specific fear, I wish you could reply me about it, thank you lots). Anyways, may the richest blessings return upon you for blessing so many people (I also believe in "Karma"!). Again! , THANK YOU!!!!!!!

With regards your 'Fear of Flying' online course, kindly accept my thanks as I believe it has assisted me in completing my third worry/stress free flight. I have (until reading your course) struggled to attain any level of self-comfort about flying, which made each journey very difficult for both my wife (an accomplished flyer) and myself. Since then I have completed two flights to New York and one to Egypt, without any previous experiencd duress. In addition it gave me the confidence to also undertake and enjoy a hot air balloon ride (Egypt) and a helicopter flight (NYC). My previous worries had always been about the technicalities of air travel, as opposed to the outlandish occurrence of terrorism, etc. While I will always be of the belief that there is nothing better than "terra-firma" beneath one's feet, your course has enabled me to consider air travel as part of the "holiday experience" as opposed to being a hindrance.

Dear Captain Stacey. . . Thank you very much for the informative course. Your comments related to “over active imaginations” were right on the mark. I spent four years in the Air Force over thirty years ago as a B-52 systems analyst. My job was to figure out all of the things that could go wrong the the planes. I think it left its mark. Anyway, your suggestions have been very helpful. I’m still a little nervous but I think I’m getting a better mind set about flying.